Diagonal line of costumed cyclists strike a poseThe Bicycle Ballet company creates exhilarating outdoor dance performances on bikes, exploring the joyful highs and gritty lows of cycling.  The choreographies fuse dance and physical theatre with visual spectacle, comedy and striking soundtracks.

Initially conceived as a mass participatory performance, engaging people and their bikes in new, exciting and unexpected ways is still at the heart of the project.

The work is created for outdoors, to cross the boundaries of art, sport, health and environment; to attract the widest range of audiences or passers-by, and to transform familiar environments into places of discovery and magic.

But, at its heart, its all about the bike.   Expressing the freedom and fun of cycling, and exploring people’s partnerships with their trusty steeds.

Bicycle Ballet is a collaboration between a wide range of artists, performers, creatives, supporters and partners including:

Karen Poley, Creative Producer

Virginia Farman, Choreographer, Bicycle Ballet Mass Show & Everyday Hero

Janine Fletcher, Choreographer, Blazing Saddles, Strictly Cycling, the dance of cycling & The Bunny Hop

Kate Evans, Rehearsal Director & Core Performer, Additional Direction, Blazing Saddles

David Bernstein, Additional Direction on the dance of cycling and The Bunny Hop

Oliver Aylmer, Sound and Music Design

Ray Gibson, Photography

Holly Murray, Costume Design Everyday Hero & Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles

Kate Evans, Additional Direction & Performer

Typhaine Delaup, Performer

Josephine Dyer, Performer

Jo Gale, Performer

Saskia Marland, Performer

Eleanor Young, Performer

Ella Fleetwood, Performer

Magdalena Radlowska, Performer

Original Blazing Saddles performers

Mary Roubos, Performer

Jo Dyer, Performer

Hazel Lam, Performer

Eleni Papaoioannou, Performer

Bryony Thomas, Performer

Strictly Cycling

Kate Evans, Performer & Rehearsal Director

Carlos Ara, Performer

Sophie Arstall, Performer

Nick Cowell, Performer

Typhaine Delaup, Performer

Jo Dyer, Performer

Joe Garbett, Performer

Zoe Georgallis, Performer

Maria Lothe, Performer

Judith Mandel, Performer

Saskia Marland, Performer

Antonio de la Fe, Performer

James Rosental, Performer

Virginia Scudeletti, Performer

Pippa Wildwood, Performer

Costumes by Alison Neighbour

Previous Strictly performers:

Sarah Alexander, Asst Choreographer & Performer

Michael Kitchin, Performer

Laura Gubbins, Performer

Tomomi Kosano, Performer

Amy Gomez, Performer

Ben Driscoll, Performer

Nick Cowell, Performer

Michael Warne, Performer

Joel O’Donohue, Performer

Everyday Hero

Amelia Cavallo, Performer

Ben Driscoll, Performer

Karina Jones, Performer

Sophie Arstall, Performer

Zoe Georgallis, Performer

Tracey Hammett, Writer Everyday Hero

The Bunny Hop

Marc Saad, Performer

Miranda Letten, Performer

Bicycle Ballet Mass Show Tour 2012

Alex Beech, Rehearsal Director – Edmonton & Skegness

Anna Daly, Rehearsal Director – Preston

Jenna Owles, Rehearsal Director – Hastings

Jodie Buck, Rehearsal Director – Hadleigh

Lisa Jay, Rehearsal Director – Skegness

Sarah Alexander, Rehearsal Director – Hadleigh & Edmonton

Yumino Seki, Rehearsal Director – Hastings

John Kennett, Bright FX, Special Effects

Scarlett – additional costumes

Jane Fox & Emma Wreyford – special treats

the dance of cycling – currently not touring

Sarah Alexander, Performer, Workshop leader

Kate Evans, Performer

Terry O’Donovan Performer

Joe Wild, Performer

Judith MandelPerformer

Jenny Luard (understudy for Kate)

Mark Carberry (understudy for Terry)

Marc Saad (understudy for Joe)

Jane Fox, Charlotte Bernstein, Costumes

Emma Wreyford – After Dark Costumes

Previous Performers:  Stephanie McMannTom Adams

Bicycle Ballet, Original Show 2006

Sarah Alexander , original core performer now assistant choreographer and occasional lead dancer on the show

Alex Beech, original core performer

Augusto Corrieri, original core performer

Janine Fletcher, original core performer

Vicki McManus, original core performer

Anna Weatherston, original core performer

Warren Haigh, Costumes


Simon Budd & Martin Memory, Technicians

Maria & Ellie Tribe, and Ray Gibson, Workshop Leader & Painting Assistant

Special thanks to:

Ed Chivers, Website design & development

Paul Jonas of Tru Thoughts

Clive Lyttle & Jon Linstrum, ACE

Apologies to anyone else who’s been inadvertently omitted, but thank you


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