Ben Driscoll, Performer

Ben Driscoll (Frustration) smiles broadly with arms crossed in front of him, hands pulled by co-performersBen is a freelance artist and performer, who specialises in devising movement and contemporary theatre.  He graduated from Dartington College of Arts/Falmouth University in 2011, where he studied “Theatre with Choreographic Practises”.

Benis interested in exploring unique ways of creating innovative performance for a varied audience, working largely with an emphasis on collaboration.  Often working from endurance based tasks, exploration of memory and improvisational exercises.  Highlighted work includes: A Silent Duet, a performance created whilst undertaking a month’s silence; and From Here Dotad, a performance made whilst walking 1000 miles, from London to Warsaw.

Further to his own practice, Ben has worked with multiple professional companies as a freelance performer, including Protein Dance, Hyperfusion, and in two shows with The Bicycle Ballet Co, Everyday Hero & Strictly Cycling.

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