Sarah Alexander, Performer & Rehearsal Director

Image of Sarah AlexanderSarah has been dancing for the Bicycle Ballet since 2006, and her role is now performer and workshop leader for ‘the dance of cycling,’ and Rehearsal Director for ‘Bicycle Ballet’.

Sarah trained at Rambert Dance School and then furthered her studies at the University of Brighton, gaining a degree in Dance and Visual Art.

Since 2007 she has worked as a freelance dance practitioner in Brighton and the South East, teaching dance for organisations such as Rambert Dance Company and Creative Partnerships.  She has performed and choreographed for numerous festivals and events including Brighton Fringe, Brighton Festival, White Nights and Glastonbury, and enjoys the diversity of being able to perform, create and teach dance within her career.

In 2010/11, she has worked full time as a lecturer, coordinating and delivering on a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Dance, taught in Lewes and run by the University of Brighton.  She is currently studying towards an MA at Trinity Laban.

Sarah was an original Bicycle Ballet cast member and principal dancer in subsequent projects.The crash scene.  Two performers lift Sarah in a somersault off her bike

Performer does splits in the air balanced on moving bike

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