Tracey Hammett, Writer Everyday Hero

Tracey Hammett is a script writer, lyricist and poet.

Born in Cardiff, she studied English and Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths College. ¬†She started writing for the BBC CBeebies Channel when it launched in 2000 and has been writing for many of the channel’s popular series ever since, including Storymakers, Boogie Beebies, Poetry Pie, Show Me Show Me and Old Jack’s Boat.

In 2009 her monologue ‘Big Feet’ was performed at the Edinburgh Festival as part of the Body Gossip Production.

In 2010 ‘I Hate Washing Day,’ a lyrical tale based on the day her sister left home to avoid washing day, was part of Wallpapered Tales, performed at the Wild Orchid Theatre.

During 2010 she wrote a fairy tale for a street theatre production, Bombay Gold by Kuljit Bhamra. ¬†Featuring a string quartet and blend of tabla and western beats, the take was told through a combination of dance, song and poetry and was performed at the Mayor of London’s Liberty Festival.

Tracey has also written a children’s book called Monsters Not Allowed.

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