The Mass Show

Marine Parade arches with line of cyclists and gerb pyros

‘Bicycle Ballet brought a unique form of movement and participation to their festival performance in Skegness.  The graceful performance by scores of two wheeled performers in a synchronised ballet of velo movements was compelling to watch. A memorable participation project for our growing dance community.‘ Robin Morley, Artistic Director, So Festival.

‘It was amazing to dance with my bicycle as my partner – it made complete sense, after all, we see each other and ride together almost every day!‘  Manchester participant

Participation in the BB was a truly life affirming experience,’ Brighton participant

A really great show‘ Jeremy Shine, Director Manchester International Arts

One of the best street shows I’ve seen,’ Donna Close, Brighton & Hove City Council

Bicycle Ballet is a spectacular dance performance on bicycles which explores the highs and lows of city cycling: the sheer joy of swerving downhill on a bike, the wind behind you and the sun on your face, tempered by the gritty reality of urban cycling – manoeuvering amongst traffic, pollution, theft and vandalism.

10 to 100 local people dance and cycle between set formation pieces reminiscent of Busby Berkeley’s film choreography, with visual spectacle, humour, poignancy and character based stories inspired by people’s cycling experiences – learning to ride, fall off, tricks – and memories.

Commissioned by:  Arts Council England & Brighton & Hove Arts Commission.  Supported by:  Tru Thoughts
Produced by: KP Projects
The Team

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golden sparkles high above heads, as two lines of three bikes pass each other

Stade Saturdays, Sep 2012

Lots of performers strike a pose with their bicycles in the Flag Market

Preston Guild, Aug 2012

A mother holds the back of her daughter's bike in the Learning to Ride section

Hadleigh, Essex Aug 2012

a group of performers lean their bikes to the left, with left feet on floor, and right legs raised

Edmonton Carnival, Jul 2012


2 performers jump into a kneel with hair flying, surrounded by others holding their bikes on the back wheels

So Festival, Skegness June 2012

Woman spins bike with green and purple smoke effects

Le Quinzaine de L’Entorse 2010

line of cyclists stand astride their bikes leaning to the left, watched by a large audience

Urban Moves International Dance Festival 2010

Diagonal line of costumed cyclists strike a pose

Watch This Space, National Theatre 2007


The Queen watches performances from Theatre Royal balcony, Brighton

Royal visit to Brighton, March 2007


Dancers swing away from their bikes, arms outstretched holding onto handlebars

Car Free Day, Brighton 2006

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