Bicycle Ballet @ Edmonton Festival & Carnival

Part of The Enfield Festival, the Edmonton Festival & Carnival brings together the Borough’s diverse communities in a dazzling celebration, this year featuring Bicycle Ballet.

The team worked with a fantastic group of locals and pulled off a great show, despite torrential rain which greeted pretty much every rehearsal.

a group of performers lean their bikes to the left, with left feet on floor, and right legs raised


2 participants cycle past an applauding audience Smiling participants line up holding their bikes to the side Two participants dance tango between two bikes lying on the ground Performers swing their bikes around amidst a cloud of green smoke Young participant speeds past balancing on the cross bar of his bike Young participants perform the 'Learning to Ride' section Line of standing young men hold bikes by the handle and drop them away Participants astride their bikes, lean sideways and exaggeratedly mime pedalling Applauding audience

Group photo

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