Bicycle Ballet @ So Festival, Skegness

Two long & parallel lines of performers lean into the front wheel of their bikes, pushing up their back wheels

Between 23 June and 1 July, SO Festival 2012 transformed Lincolnshire’s coastal district of East Lindsey into an international arts venue with spectacular visual art, street theatre, world-class performers and dance acts, amongst which  featured Bicycle Ballet.

The team worked with local people and students from the Lisa Jay Stage Institute to create a stunning show in glorious sunshine on 29th June 2012.

Participants in costume, walk & cycle through the performance space barrier
BB cast look on at a BMX aerial somersault in the distance
3 performers in a line, pirouette their bikes on the front wheel
Two lines of performers mounted on bikes, lean to the left, with right legs raised off the ground
Two ground based performers kneel from a jump, surrounded by others holding bikes on the back wheels
Performers cycle towards the audience, behind a white barrier
Performers cycle in a line, laughing to the sound of a motorway traffic jam
Performer strikes a pose with arms stretched out either side, one hand raised slightly towards the sky and the other towards her upturned bike
A performer spins her bike around, streaming violet smoke from the back, amidst a hazy cloud of violet and green smoke






Group photo


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