Bicycle Ballet @ Hadleigh, Essex


performers cycle past each other, in two lines

Essex County Council hosted Bicycle Ballet in celebration of its cycling links, as Host County for the London 2012 Olympic Mountain Bike event.

A fantastic group of local people performed at Deanes School, Hadleigh on Sunday 5th August 2012.

A mother holds the back of her daughter's bike in the Learning to Ride section

Performers cycle past with right arm raised Performers cycle round with legs in a running shape A dancers leaps in the air, pony tail flying, with performers on bicycles moving in the background Cyclists perform formation routine The performer stands in front of an appreciative crowd, performing a section on 'loving his bike' a solitary bike leans against a piece of crowd control barrier at the edge of the empty performance space, during a torrential rainstorm Three bikes leaning against a wall sit in a puddle of water, up to the wheel rims Performer looks at the camera, standing behind his upturned bike, with his hands raised towards it A line of three female performers hold bikes by the handlebars, leaning them close to the ground and standing with right legs through the frame, and right arms outstretched behind them performers cycle across the space laughing


Group photo

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