Bicycle Ballet @ Stade Saturdays, Hastings

golden sparkles high above heads, as two lines of three bikes pass each other

“Stade Saturdays” is a series of music, dance and artistic performances that will take place on the Stade Open Space every Saturday evening from May to October.

Sat 29th September – 5.30pm & 7.30pm at The Stade, Hastings seafront

performer leans into his front wheel, lifting the back wheel off the ground A performer sits backwards on a bike, whilst another puts her hand to her temple in exasperation Two performers jump next to their bikes performers on bikes and on the ground, against the backdrop of fishermen's huts and East Hill Performers spin their bikes around with green smoke pouring from the back performers hold their bikes on the back wheels, during the night show Performers in a line swing out from their bikes, with their arms pointing upwards diagonally.  In the foreground a silhouetted audience watch a solo performer perform a duet with her bike In the performance space, surrounded by audience, performers spin their bikes with green and violet smokes pouring from the back of the bikes Green & violet smokes build and fill the space




Group photos

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