Bicycle Ballet @ Preston Guild Wheel Launch

Lots of performers strike a pose with their bicycles in the Flag MarketPreston Guild is a historic celebration held every 20 years, dating back to 1179, which involves the whole community – residents, visitors, artists, businesses, athletes and performers.

Bicycle Ballet performed two shows, on Sat 18th August after the Guild Proclamation, and on Sun 19th August at the launch of the Preston Guild Wheel – a 21 mile ‘greenway’ which encircles Preston, linking the city to the countryside.

Four performers face each other lifting their bikes onto the back wheels Audience behind bunting as performers on bikes turn into the distance A line of performers circle on bikes, featured in the background on a large screen All performers and their bikes lie on the floor, after 'the crash' Performers and bikes all focus on solo dancer Performers circle in front of audience audience with umbrellas and wet weather clothing, enjoy the show Tall jets of sparkling fireworks shoot into the air from the back of bicycles Performers pull faces during rehearsals Two performers cycle with legs stretched out to the side performers with their bikes strike a pose Line of performers hold bikes by left hand leaning them to the floor, with right arms stretch behind them

Group photo


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