Karen Poley, Creative Producer

Image of Karen PKaren is a Creative Producer & Artistic Director with 25 years experience of producing arts festivals, events, performances & community engagement projects of all scales.

She is the driving force behind The Bicycle Ballet Company, since dreaming up the initial idea on a sunny Sunday afternoon on a low tide beach and is privileged to continue developing crazy, bicycle-related ideas with a fantastic and supportive group of collaborators.

She is also the creator of:  The Living Coast Undersea Experience, an educational, virtual reality experience enabling users to explore the underwater environment of Beachy Head West Marine Conservation Zone (between Brighton Marina & Beachy Head), without getting wet! &

reCyculture, an installation project which repurposes old & disused bikes to create high impact installations on walls & rooftops.  The latest incarnation is WindWheels, a unique educational project teaching people to generate wind power and create light installations using old bike wheels and recycled materials.

Karen has produced outdoor arts events and performances for the last 25 years, including for Zap Art, over 100 outdoor festivals and events; around 30 commissions of new work of all scales, by UK and international companies including WILDWORKS,  Transe ExpressGroupe F, The World Famous and KompleX KapharnauM, some with large-scale, community, professional development and educational projects alongside.  Further information in Producing the Goods, Karen’s chapter on page 12, from ‘Zap Art, 25 Years of Cultural Innovation.

She has also worked with PeriplumCharlie Morrissey, and done various bits & pieces for Red Earth, Magnetic Events, Up Stream and Rachel Henson in the last few years.  She is currently developing a range of future projects, more info on www.kp-projects.co.uk.

Karen on her bike, on low tide, sunset beach in Shoreham - the birth of an idea

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