The Cilia Dance presentation at Out There Arts Festival

The Bicycle Ballet Co Artistic Director outlines some of the ideas behind The Cilia Dance, the day before the pilot project in Brighton takes place

A bit more detail on some of those ideas:

Cilia are microscopic, hair-like structures on the body’s cells, especially the respiratory tract & lungs, in clusters, lines & individually. They are primordial & rhythmic, moving to keep airways clear, allowing us to breathe without irritation. Cilia offer form, rhythm & structure to the overall piece, with a rhythmical walking pattern combined with movements created by participants.

The Cilia Dance is our first piece without bicycles & aims, with the urgency of the climate emergency & need for greater sustainability, to more directly encourage transport behaviour change. Transport is now the greatest contributor to greenhouse gases in the UK. ┬áCarbon reductions so far have averaged 0.1%, over the last 30 years, but 17-30% is needed to reach net zero. This sounds huge, but most car journeys are very short & local – 60% are under 5 miles & 40% are under 2 miles – so the piece asks how else can we get around?

It’s not hugely scientific, at this stage but in terms of behaviour change, we’re reframing ideas about travel, within a rewarding & fun, participatory experience. Our ‘messengers’ are other participants who are members of the same, local community & the project aims to interrupt people’s existing habits & routines. We hope to develop these ideas further in the future.

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