Participation in Blazing Saddles

Who’s it for?
Up to 20 participants & their bikes can work with the company to create & present Blazing Saddles.

All ages welcome & no experience necessary, apart from basic cycling proficiency (Bikeability level 2 is recommended)

What is it?
Blazing Saddles is a unique outdoor performance celebrating the importance of the bicycle to women & fashion, & the possibilities of travel & freedom.

The show tells its tale in a series of choreographed & improvisational, sequences, with movement & humour & unfolds along a short route.

Participants will learn the structures & movement in each scene, taking a lead in some & acting as a chorus in others; guided throughout by performers.

Why get involved?
It’s an opportunity to develop new skills, boost confidence, work as part of a dedicated team on a unique project, meet new people & have lots of fun.

Participants will learn about the historical importance of cycling for women, & help encourage more people to think about riding bicycles.

Previous participants got involved to ‘try something different,’ ‘meet new people,’ ‘do something for their community,‘ & ‘wanted a new challenge.’  Afterwards people said:

I met new people, enjoyment, pushing myself, attention, laughter, fond memories & I learned new things.’

‘A great atmosphere at rehearsals & because we were all volunteers it felt like there was no pressure.’

‘Increased bike confidence.  Enjoyed performing…  way better than going to the gym.’ 

Participants in previous shows have been all ages & abilities, & the majority 78-80% had never been involved in similar projects & 37% rated it 10/10, the ‘best ever’ activity they’d done.

Get involved & be part of an amazing team, creating an exciting event for the community.





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