Blazing Saddles Community Engagement

All of the Bicycle Ballet shows have a workshop or participatory element.  We love working with people & bringing them together with our creative teams to create exciting performances for their communities.

Blazing Saddles Taster Session 3 © Raysto ImagesPerformance Opportunities
Blazing Saddles was created working with local participants in Southwark.  We would very much like to continue evolving the show working with local people to engage them in the creative process & also to encourage people to cycle.

Participation Beyond Performance
In addition to offering performance opportunities, Bicycle Ballet is dreaming up ways to extend our creative offer to communities around the historical & contemporary issues of women & cycling & fashion, to encourage women & girls to think about riding bicycles.

We have a few ideas & would very much welcome a bit of blue sky thinking with partners interested in helping these become reality.

Linking into Cycling Strategies & Provision
Bicycle Ballet is keen that Blazing Saddles be part of the drive to encourage women to start cycling.  There is ample opportunity to link presentations of the show into wider provision – training, maintenance courses etc – as well as behaviour change, awareness raising, challenging existing stereotypes & the like.

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