Inside Strictly Cycling

A curving line of workshop participants lie on the floor relaxing, with their heads resting on the saddles of their laid down bikes

Participatory Workshops for up to 10 people & their bikes

A two hour workshop model alongside performances to create a big flash mob-style impact at an event, festival or across a town & put the fun back into cycling.

Participants will learn a few basic moves and some of the show’s choreographic structures.  They will also learn how to create their own moves and short sequences, basic clowning/character, and how to work together safely & as part of the team.

Participants will also develop their cycling skills & confidence, improve control of their bicycle, safety riding amongst traffic, & have the best fun doing so.  Some of our workshop materials have been incorporated in Bikeability programmes.

The workshop is open to all ages & abilities, with a level of cycling proficiency – Bikeability Level 2 is recommended.  Participants are asked to wear black or dark trousers, tops & shoes, & the distinctive Strictly Cycling costume will be provided.

Please get in touch for further details.  Bespoke packages can be developed on request: Contact 

Seven tandems & their riders line up in costume before Bristol's Carnivelo 2014

Tandems, visually impaired people & front riders
In 2014, the Bicycle Ballet Co created an Inside Strictly Cycling workshop working with visually impaired people & front riders on tandems for Bristol Cycle Festival. The project built on work developing the Everyday Hero show, with the emphasis was on fun & developing communication between riders to synchronise movement on each tandem & between tandems.

Workshops co-commissioned by Edinburgh Cycling Festival and Bristol Cycling Festival

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