Our Streets, Our Choice, Nottingham

A curving line of workshop participants lie on the floor relaxing, with their heads resting on the saddles of their laid down bikes20th September 2014
Strictly Cycling and Workshop


Performance location:  Broadway Cinema on Broadway St.

:  10.30am
Workshop:  12noon – 2pm, leading to performance at 3pm

FREE Workshop:  Inside Strictly Cycling.  Transform the way you think about dance, movement and cycling.  Strictly Cycling plays with the everyday events and experiences of riding a bike, adding a hint of the surreal and comical.  The show is part choreographed and part improvised in sections on, off, over and around bicycles.

Bring your bike to create & learn a few basic moves & work as part of the team.  Afterwards you can take part in Strictly Cycling performances in the city, and be part of a most unusual flashmob.

Keep an eye on this hashtag for more info:  #EMWNOTTM

Performers and participants in yellow helmets, goggles and capes perform a human sculpture, mimicking how they've parked their bikes



Part of European Mobility Week.  Funded by http://www.creativequarter.com/




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