Edinburgh Festival of Cycling 2014

5 yellow cyclists lean over their bikes' back wheels and grab the handlebars, surrounded by people mimicking them without bikes21st June, Strictly Cycling performances & workshop

Inside Strictly Cycling (workshop) –  Come and be part of the team for a day.  Bring your bike to create & learn a few basic moves & work as part of the team.  Afterwards, you can take part in Strictly Cycling performances in the city centre, throughout the day.

Workshop: 10-12noon, City of Edinburgh Council, 4 East Market St (courtyard)

Show times:  1.30pm, 2.30pm at
The Mound, St Andrews Sq & Grassmarket

4pm at The Mound

Further details:  http://www.edfoc.org.uk/


Friday 20th June
The Bicycle Ballet Co will be doing information and outreach events for staff/groups only.  Look out for information where you work.  Times/locations:

10am – 11am – NHS, 2-4 Waterloo Place
12-1pm – City of Edinburgh Council, 4 East Market St
2-3pm – bridge8hub, Union Canal by Calder Crescent
4.30-5.30pm – Scottish Gas, 1 Waterfront Ave

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling logo

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