The Bunny Hop

Female performer rides on the handle bars of her 'brother's' bike, smiling broadly

A dynamic, new outdoor show, fusing dance, circus and physical theatre – on bicycles!

Following the evolving relationship of a brother and sister growing up on, off, over and around their bikes, ‘The Bunny Hop looks at differing male/female approaches to cycling.  Spectacular bike tricks, fast paced choreography and moments of comedy, chart the sibling’s journey, as they bicker, push, pull, giggle and wheel their way to adulthood.

A very well presented and innovative show – the audience really enjoyed it  Joe Mackintosh, Artistic Director, Out There Festival, Great Yarmouth

Exquisite‘ Nickola Moore, Arts Development Manager, Poole Council

The male performer rides his bike whilst the female performer rides in a handstand, upside down, holding his waist


The Bunny Hop was re-developed in 2012, following a pilot in 2011.  The show is directed by David Bernstein of Strangelings, with Choeography by Janine Fletcher, with two exciting, dance artists, Miranda Letten and Marc Saad.


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Images from the 2011 pilot, with Paddy Waters and Mary Eddowes.

boy doing a scissor kick, jump over the handlebars of moving bike

girl pulls dress over her head and pulls faces through the material to the crowd

girl spins cycling boy around, both holding onto a bike wheel

girl turns lifted bike on back wheel with one leg stretched out behind, in arabesque

boy stands on handlebar and saddle of moving bike

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