Janine Fletcher, Choreographer

Janine Fletcher © Raysto Images Janine Fletcher © Raysto Images‘Blazing Saddles,’ ‘the dance of cycling’ & ‘Where are the girls when the boys are learning to bunny hop?’

Janine has a ferocious love of disciplined movement, comedic detail and creates work informed by a variety of performance languages and creative processes.

As a solo practitioner, Janine uses a myriad of genres in her work, and has performed at The National Review of Live Art, Visions International Festival of Performance and Navigate Live Art Festival.

She is co-artistic director of dance-comedy duo The Two Wrongies ‘…the double act who dare to do the dirty,’ and in 2008 became a member of Prodigal Theatre’s Urban Playground Team, working collaboratively with Gravity Style to create Parkour-inspired physical theatre and dance.

Janine was an original cast member of the Bicycle Ballet.

Janine Fletcher & dancers in wet weather gear, stand behind bikes & raise their arms, against a black sky

Image of Janine and Karen share ipod headphones, making notes on the show music

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