In the Wild (working title)

A city-wide, outdoor dance & physical performance, which starts in the furthest reaches of a town or city & gradually converges on the centre over one or two days & nights.

A series of short, sharp, 10-15 minute choreographed interventions in the everyday, exploring cycling & how people use their bikes in the urban environment.  Choreographic starting points might include, for example: safe cycling & space for cycling; lust for life/danger; lycra & helmets; parking debacles; bike sharing; red lights; being seen after dark; riding in all weathers; freedom & free; on roads with faster vehicles & traffic.

Interspersing these sequences, a looping, town centre/city-ward migration of rush hour pelotons, bike trains & jumping on & off to walk around busy junctions & red lights.

Performers will wear helmet cameras to document their journeys & performances, which will be live streamed & incorporated into the final piece.

The final piece will culminate in the town/city centre at dusk, incorporating projections/projection mapping onto costumes, roads & features around performance sites; lighting rigs on bicycles, which might look like car headlights, and mobile sound systems also on bikes.

Additional co-commissioning partners sought alongside principal commissioning partner, Brighton & Hove City Council.

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