Everyday Hero – Technical Spec

Performers in a line pulling Frustration, surrounded by a large crowd in front of the Cutty SarkEveryday Hero is approximately 25 minutes long and is performed twice on one day.

The show is performed in the round and requires:

  • Level, hard standing space approx 20m x 15m
  • Rope, cones, chalk or similar to de-marcate the performance space
  • One to two hours rehearsal in the performance space, with PA prior to shows
  • A PA with CD playback, suitable for the size of the performance space, with four speakers in each corner of the space behind the audience; desk to the side
  • Dressing room with dress rail, iron & ironing board
  • Secure storage for tandems, costumes etc between shows (please note they are not insured in a locked van)
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