Everyday Hero Workshops

Bicycle Ballet Company is offering two workshops alongside performances of Everyday Hero.

Participants work in pairs leading and following each others' movements Seated warm up, participants stretch left arms into the air Two participants work together with a scarf, stretching it between them, crouching down and facing away from each other





Everyday Hero Workshop
A two hour long, movement workshop with the cast of Everyday Hero, exploring the dances and research behind the piece.  The workshop is for blind, partially sighted and sighted participants.  Please wear loose clothes and be prepared to take gentle risks.

Or, to participate in the show…


a participant walks in a circle, holding hands with a cyclist riding in a circle alongside participant holds handlebar and seat of a tandem, with one leg in front he stretches forward Participants line up on tandems





Everyday Hero Participants Workshop
Come and be an Everyday Hero and perform in the show!

Join a two hour workshop on the performance day, working with the cast of Everyday Hero, to learn simple group movement sequences that will be part of the final performance.

Bring bikes or tandems, participation is open to blind, partially sighted or sighted people of any age.

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