Directions to Siobhan Davies Studios

Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George’s Road, SE1 6ER
Tel:  0207 091 9650


1.  Upon arrival at Elephant and Castle underground, exit the station at the ‘South Bank University’ exit.  This gives level access onto London Road.

2.  Turn right and head towards the cycle path.  It is important to point out that there are some obstacles including trees located on the right, as well as a busy bus stop.  You will know you have reached the cycle path when you reach a tactile slope in the pavement.

3.  Cross over the cycle path (be aware of cyclists coming from either side) and turn left to cross over a staggered pelican crossing (be aware of traffic coming both ways).  You will know you have reached the middle of the crossing, as there is tactile paving and a tactile slope upwards once you have crossed this street.

4.  When you reach the end of the crossing, continue for approximately five steps and then turn left.  Follow the wall on your right-hand side round to a narrow pavement on Princess Street cycle path.  There are a few obstacles along the wall in the form of bins and an electrical power supply, as well as a toucan post for cyclists located at the top of Princess Street on the left side of the pavement.

5.  Walk approximately 32 steps along Princess Street and some posts will begin to appear on the left side of the pavement every couple of meters – there are 12 posts in total.  Be aware of bicycles chained to the gates on the right hand side.

6.  Keep walking, approximately 60 steps after the last post, and turn right onto a large pavement at the side of St George’s Road.  Obstacles appearing after the last post are trees, bins and lampposts.

7.  Keep walking forward until you have crossed over two side streets (tactile sloped paving on either side of both streets – beware of cars and bikes coming from the right).

8.  After the second side road, there is a Barclay’s bicycle rack on the left hand side and some large trees.  There is an iron railing on the right hand side.

9.  Follow along the railing until you reach an electrical intake box and turn left just after this.  The electrical power supply box will let you know that you are approaching the pelican traffic lights.

10.  Walk approximately 8 steps after you have come to the end of the bicycle rack and you will come to a tactile slope in the pavement, which indicates you are at the pelican crossing.

11.  Turn left and cross over the pelican crossing.  Please be aware that this is a busy street, and the crossing signals are soundless.

12.  Turn right after crossing (tactile paving indicates the end of the crossing).  Please note, there is a large tree directly to the right at the end of the crossing.

13.  Continue walking until you reach a tactile part of the paving at the side of West Square.  There are no traffic lights for this street, but cars should be coming slowly from the left, as there is a school on this street.

14.  Cross over West Square (you will know you are on West Square as it is a tactile street).

15.  Once you have crossed over, walk approximately 20 steps and turn left into Siobhan Davies Studios courtyard.  There is a tactile street entrance through to the main gates.

16.  Please note that the main doors into the building are heavy and you will need to pull the left hand door to enter.

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