Directions to Battersea Sports Centre, Hope St, SW11

Battersea Sports Centre, Hope Street, SW11 2DA
Tel:  020 8871 8529

Upon arrival at Clapham Junction, exit the platform by going upstairs (or take the lift) to the new walkway.  The station exit at the south end of the walkway is called Brighton Yard and this gives level access onto St Johns Hill.

Located on the right, immediately outside the exit are the covered bicycle stands.  Keeping the stand to your right, follow the perimeter of the stand moving to the right, and you will come to a paved footpath.  Once on the footpath, keeping the wall on your right, follow the wall down, you will reach a slope which tells you that you are near St Johns Hill.

At the bottom of the slope keeping the inside line, keep walking forward along St Johns Hill.  It is important to point out that there are numerous obstacles in the form of bollards, grit bins, bus stops among others.  There are also currently some road works in progress, which is unlikely to have changed on publication of this information.

Once on St Johns Hill, keep walking until you reach the first traffic light controlled junction, this is Plough Road.  It is important to note that between the station and Plough Road, there is a bus depot.

Keeping on the right hand side of Plough Road, turn down and keep going.  After a few minutes you will walk under the railway bridge.  Just past the bridge is a zebra crossing with drop curb and tactile paving.  Cross over Plough Road and continue to the right, keeping the inside line.

A few minutes past the zebra, you will come to Mysoule Road, this is only accessible by pedestrians.  Turn left into Mysoule Road.  Note, it is likely there will be cars parked on the paving on the left, so it is probably best to try and cross to the right.

A few meters along Mysoule Road, you will reach a cross road junction, this is Hope Street.

Turn right into Hope Street.  The Battersea Sports Centre is located about 2 to 3 minutes on the left.

Approximately a 15 minute walk from the station

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