Green Horses on the Wall

Green bicycle installed half way up the outside wall of a block of flats on the Alton Estate, Roehampton

When you see green horses on the wall, you’re dreaming of incredible or impossible ideas; so they say in Romania.  Here, its ‘a pipe dream’ or ‘when pigs might fly.’

In 2011 Wandsworth Arts Festival commissioned us to ‘park’ bicycles around the Alton Estate in Roehampton, as part of a larger Bicycle Ballet project.   Watching the first bikes being installed, a local resident came up, laughing that the installations reminded him of a saying in his country, Romania, ‘Green horses on the wall.’

The 2012 project embraces this wonderful notion, with more impossible and improbable, recycled installations around the estate, and a spoken word piece by performance poet Chris Paradox about ridiculous ideas and what crazy dreams mean for the local community.

Listen to Chris’s piece HERE, set to an original score by Ollie Aylmer, in Roehampton Library and around the estate.

The installations will go up on 9th May until late September around the Alton Estate

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