Technical Info – the mass show

two particpants lie on their backs holding bikes as if riding upside downThe Mass Show is performed by volunteers in two distinct groups:

The Chorus (currently 50 costumes) perform the bulk of the choreography, which is learnt in a series of rehearsals in the preceding weeks – evenings and weekends, to be agreed – ideally totalling around 30-45 hours.

The Mass (60 costumes) punctuate the performance, in large formations which sweep across the space.  This group can learn their choreography in a 2-3 hour session and full run through on the day before the first performance, and final rehearsal on the day of performance(s).

Rehearsal Schedule – Previous Examples

The original Mass Show rehearsals too place on four Thursday evenings 6-9pm, two weekends (both days), 10am-4pm, and a final, on site rehearsal on the day of performances 9a Friday) from 10am – 3pm.

In France, for La Quinzaine de L’Entorse, we worked over an intensive two week period with older school  children and public in afternoon and evening sessions totalling 36 hours, plus a final 3 hour session on site, on the first day of performances.

We can be very flexible about the performance schedule to make it work around available time.  The show does, however, require a certain amount of time.  We anticipate a polished performance of professional dancers would require three full days.  So, non dancers would require double that.


No experience necessary and all ages welcome, although a level of cycling proficiency required – minimum Level 2 Bikeability / National Standard is suggested.

Taster Session / Site Visit

We would be happy to coincide a site visit with a taster session for potential participants and people who will help spread the word to get others involved.  We would just need a space and small PA/music box with CD player.

Pyrotechnic Effects

The performance includes two pyrotechnic effects, which are fired from the back of 6 pyro bikes.  They include:

  • 4-6 Half second x 9m gerbs, manufactured by Well Pyrotechnics
  • 8-12 x Large theatrical smokes, manufactured by Le Maitre

These are stage effects made for use in close proximity, which are fired remotely from purpose built mountings, which are angled away from cyclists.  They are fired by a fully qualified pyrotechnician.

Performance Technical Requirements

  • A large, flat hard standing performance space of approx 30m x 20m
  • PA with two CD players and mixer, headphones and microphone
  • On site rehearsal (min 3 hours) prior to performance
  • A bicycle mechanic on the final day of rehearsals and performance day, in case of emergencies
  • Dressing rooms, with iron, ironing board and 2 dress rails
  • Secure overnight parking for bicycles
  • Secure overnight storage for pyrotechnic effects
  • For rehearsals – a large rehearsal space, suitable for bikes, preferably covered in case of rain; small PA
  • Participants – the promoter is responsible for sourcing and co-ordinating outreach and participants
  • Refreshments for participants during rehearsals and, ideally, a meal during any long days of rehearsal or performance days.

Bicycle Ballet, July 2012

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