Technical Info – the dance of cycling

Company members on tour – 6 (5 performers, 1 manager/technician)

Equipment on tour – 5 bicycles and costumes

The show is designed to play on three sides, but can also play in the round, depending on the performance space.

Show technical requirements:

  • Flat hard standing space of a minimum of 12m wide (front/back) x 10m deep (sides)
  • Cones/bunting/rope to de-mark performance space
  • PA with CD playback – 2 speakers in the back corners, desk to side and out of site lines
  • Secure parking for bikes
  • Dressing rooms with space to warm up. ┬áSeparate space for workshop participants
  • Stewarding to ensure public safety
  • Access to the space for approximately one hour prior to performances to run through and block the show
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