Mary Eddowes, Performer

Paddy cycles with Mary stood on his saddleMary Eddowes trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and graduated with a BA Hons in Contemporary Dance Performance in 2008.

She has subsequently studied in Clown and Physical Theatre with tutors including Altor Bassuri and Petra Massey (Spy Monkey) and is interested in bringing unsuspecting audiences new comedic and bizarre experiences.  Projects she has worked on include ‘Canal Boat Dances’ at the International Dance Festival Birmingham and Oogly Boogly, a sound and movement exploration for disabled children for Dance4 (Tom Morris and Guy Dartnell).

Mary is also Artistic Director and performer of outdoor company, The Weirdy Beardies, which is currently touring summer festivals across the UK.  The company are Associate Artists at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, partners with Wet Picnic and The Point, Eastleigh, and supported by ACE.

Mary was first involved in the Bicycle Ballet in 2010 as a volunteer in the mass participatory performance for Urban Moves International Dance Festival.  She couldn’t keep away and now her 1984 Raleigh Caprice is geared up and ready to take on those Bunny Hops.

Mary leans across her bike and performs an arabesque, arm pointing towards the floorMary stands on one leg, holding and 'hiding' behind a bicycle wheel

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