Performance Parking

 Silhouetted BMX bike 'leaps' from the top of a pole into the sky

Inspired by the lengths you sometimes have to take to securely park your bike!

Painted to highlight the perfection of their design, the bikes are sky blue and tree green; conspicuously hidden in the urban landscape.  They are dada-esque in nature, surprising, unexpected, surreal interventions.

close up of the inner workings of a bicycle bell, painted green

Painting a bike lets you truly appreciate the perfection of its design‘   Karen Poley, Creative Producer

Sky blue BMX 'jumps' from the top of a telegraph pole



Everyday I open the curtains and my day brightens a little‘ one neighbour on the Alton Estate, Roehampton said of her bird’s eye view of one of the installations.


Further developments on the way.



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